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NSW Grading System


NSWSARAI from time to time will vary the grading system.


Effective 1st January 2015



A Grade: Above 194 (582 and above ex 600)

B Grade: Above 190 and less than 194 (Above 570 ex 600)

C Grade: Above 184 and less than 190 (above 552 ex 600)

D Grade: Less than 184



A Grade 198.5 and above (above 595.5 ex 600)

B Grade 196 and below 198.5 (above 582 ex 600)

C Grade less than 196 (below 582 ex 600)


Air Rifle

A Grade: 550 and above

B Grade: 520 to less than 550

C Grade: 490 to less than 520

D Grade: Less than 490



A Grade: 1100 and above

B Grade: 1000 to less than 1100

C Grade: Less than 1000


The club captain performs grading in January and July, where grades are recorded on the association membership card and signed by the club captain.


Prone, Benchrest and Air Rifle grades will be calculated on the average of the 10 best scores from up to 25 scores.  Where there are more than 25 scores the average will be calculated on the best 1/3 of all scores during the six month period of either January to June orJuly to December.


Down Grading: In any, grading period a shooter can only be down graded one grade.


Scores are 20 shot strings that scored out of 200.


Positional (and Air) grades are calculated on the average of the best three total scores in the same periods as the prone grading.  For 60 shot position matches, grade breaks are at exactly half the listed 120 shot match scores.


Scores to be used: to calculate grading must be club scores for determining Club Championships and any scores received in Club Prize meetings, State, National and Regional Championships or Grand Prix.  A shooter is obliged to advise their club Captain or Statistician of any scores shot outside their Club.


Any shooter at a prize meeting (including, championship, grand prix or other graded match) conducted on current ISSF targets will be automatically upgraded by a maximum of one grade if their aggregate score is above their current grade. E.g. if a "C" grade prone sltooter achieved a score of 570 or above the shooter will be upgraded to "B" grade after the conclusion of the match. Any such upgrading shall be for the remainder of the current grading period and the subsequent grading period.  This process will be repeated for any subsequent grading breaks within this period.

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