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New South Wales Smallbore and Air Rifle Association Incorporated is the association of clubs in NSW who provide facilities for the Olympic Games sports of target rifle competition.


The sport is open to able bodied, and disabled athletes of either gender, and competitions exist at Club, State, National and International Level.  We have active shooters from age 12, to over 80.


NSW is proud to have the current International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) Smallbore 50m Prone World Champion: Warren Potent.    Warren also won the 2014 Commonwealth Games Gold medal in mens 50m Prone Rifle.


We have throughout the year a number of "Prize Meetings" - graded competitions held by clubs across the state - which are great social occasions, coupled with friendly banter, and competitions for people at all stages.




3 Position Rifle

3 Position Rifle consists of 3 series of shots in Kneeling, Prone and Standing Positions with a .22 rifle.  Ladies events are 3x20, and mens 3x40.  In the Prone and Kneeling Positions, shooters use a sling reducing muscle stress, and adding to stability.  In the standing position - this is completely free standing - shooters learn to use their bone structures to support the weight of the rifle - It is a demanding position physically and in training required to reach a high standard.

Prone Rifle

Prone Rifle (Lying on the belly) is the dominant discipline in Australia, UK and USA, with competitor numbers far exceeding all other disciplines.  A sling is allowed which adds great support and stability to the position - allowing excellent scores to be achieved.  Again this position is shot with a .22 cartridge rifle.  ISSF matches consist of 60 shots in this discipline for both women and men.

Air Rifle

Air Rifle is shot using a .177 air propelled rifle, with many modern rifles using compressed air in a refillable gas chamber.  This match consists of 40 shots for women, and 60 shot for men - again shot from the standing position.  It is the dominant discipline in many European countries (Germany, Czech Republic etc).

Bench Rest Rifle

TRA Benchrest shooting is shot with a .22 cartridge rifle from a sturdy bench.  A front rest is used, and a rear sand bag to support the rifle.  Telescopic sights are used in this discipline.  Rifles are often custom built, and winning in this discipline requires top notch equipment, well matched ammunition, and a different skill set from the above disciplines.

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